Manchester City to make a move on Real Madrid’s Isco. Updates in La Liga and Premier League fixtures in this weekend.

The Citizens have already started the transfer campaign, which will last until the end of the season. The club will make a number of transfers, including the acquisition of Isco, who is considered one of the main stars of the Spanish championship.
Isco, the Spanish player, has already become one of Real Madrid’s main stars. The Portuguese player was already a part of the team for almost two years. He played in the Champions League, where he scored a hat-trick, and in the Europa League, which he won.
After the season, he was invited to the squad of Manchester City, which is one of his main clubs. The Citizens have also made a number transfers, among which is the acquisition for the first time of the goalkeeper, David De Gea.

The goalkeeper will join the Citizens for the summer, and the club will pay a high price for him. The cost of the transfer is about €100 million, which the club is willing to pay.
It is worth noting that the Citizens are not the only club interested in the player. The main clubs in the Premier League are also interested in him.
Will the transfer of Isso be successful?
The transfer of the Portuguese player is not a surprise, because the Citizens have long been interested in acquiring a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is one position that the club needs to improve, because it has a number problems.
However, the transfer will not be successful, because Isco is not the right player for the club. The player is a specialist in the middle of the field, which does not fit into the style of the Citizens.
In addition, the club does not have a good goalkeeper, which can be seen in the results of the club’ goalkeeper, De Geas. The team has a goalkeeper who can make a save from a penalty, but he can not save a goal.
This is the main reason why the transfer was not successful. The price of the player is high, and it is not easy to pay for such a player.
Manchester City will make another move in the summer. The new club will be the one that will try to get into the Champions’ League. The first games of the new season will be very important for the team, because if the club wins in the first games, it will be able to get to the playoffs.
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Main Intrigues of the Season in the English Premier League
The new season of the English premier league started, and this time the main intrigue is the fight for the champion title. The fight for this title is very interesting, because there are several contenders for the title.
Among the main contenders for champion title are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
All of them have a chance to win the champion’ title, but the main thing is that they have to fight for it.
City has a good chance to get the champion, because its main competitors are: Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. The Reds are the main contender for the championship, but they have a lot of problems, too.
Liverpool is in the worst shape of the Champions league, because they have not won the trophy for a long time. The last time they won the title was in 2002. The current season of Champions league is very difficult for the Reds, because their rivals are very strong.
Arsenal is also in a bad shape, because in the last season the team won the champion but lost the title to Manchester United.
If the team wins the champion this season, it can get into a playoff, which would be really interesting for fans.
Who will be in the playoffs?
There are several teams that can enter the playoffs, but only one of them will get into them. The teams that are in the best shape are: Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.
Of course, the Reds will enter the playoff, but it will not go well for them.
Chelsea is not in the strongest shape, too, because of the injuries of the players. The Blues have a number problem, too:
1. De Geay is not playing.
2. Kepa is not able to play.
3. Giroud is injured.
4. Alonso is injured and can not play.
All these problems will affect the performance of the Blues in the championship. The Red Devils are not in a good shape, but if they win the championship it will go well with the club, because this is a club that has a lot to win.
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