News of Barcelona’s new coach

Barcelona has started the search for a new coach, and the results of the first interviews have been published.
The team has been without a coach for several months, and it is now clear that the search will be long and difficult, as the club has no time to waste.
Barça is in a very difficult situation. The team is in the middle of the Champions League, and its main rival is the team of Real Madrid. The current coach, Ernesto Valverde, is a specialist in the defensive game, and he has not been able to adapt to the style of playing of the team.
However, the team is still in the Champions league, and if it manages to win the next round, it will be able to take the first place of the standings.

The new coach of the Catalans will have to do his best to get the team to the next stage of the tournament.
Who will succeed Ernesto?
The first interviews with the new coach have already shown that he is not the specialist in attacking football, and that he prefers to play in a more balanced manner.
Valverde has been in charge of the club for almost a year, and his first match was against Sevilla, which he won with a score of 2:0.
He has already shown a good game, but the team still has a long way to go in the tournament, and there are still many matches ahead.
In the first round, Barcelona was defeated by Valencia, and in the next match it was defeated again by the team from the capital of Spain.
It is obvious that the team needs to strengthen its lineup, and Valverdes appointment is a good chance to do it.
What are the main tasks of Ernesto’s team?
Barclas B has a difficult task ahead of it. The main task is to get into the Champions club league, where the team will have a tough time.
At the moment, the main rival of the Blaugranas is Real Madrid, and Ernesto has to do everything he can to get to the first position of the championship.
Real Madrid is a strong team, and many of its players have already won the Champions trophy. Ernesto needs to find a way to make the team stronger, and this is what he will have difficulties with.
Will Ernesto succeed in the long run?
It will be difficult to say, but it is clear that Ernesto is a special coach, who will try to do the best for the club.
If the team manages to get a place in the top-4, it can be considered as a success.
Main rivalries of the season
The current season of the Spanish championship has already seen many interesting confrontations. Barcelona is in great shape, and despite the fact that Real Madrid is also in a good shape, it is the main competitor of the Catalan club. The club has a number of problems, but they are not the main ones.
One of the main problems of the Royal club is the lack of motivation. The coach, Zinedine Zidane, has been working for several years, and now the team has become a real contender for the champion title. However, the club does not have a good selection of players, which is another reason for the lacklustre results.
Another problem of the Madrid team is the fact, that it is not able to impose its will on the leaders of the rivals. This is another proof of the fact of the lack motivation of the coach.
Zidane has not managed to solve the problem of motivation, and Barcelona is still the main contender for gold medals.
How will the team perform in the future?
In such a situation, the coach will have no other choice than to make changes. The situation in the team deteriorated so much, that the fans are expecting a lot from Ernesto.
There are many problems in the club, but Ernesto will have his own difficulties, as he will be the only one to solve them.
Team’s position in the standings
Barcelonas position in La Liga is not so good, and they are still far from the leaders. The problem of Barcelona is the number of matches ahead, and as a result, the gap between the team and the leaders is increasing.
This is another evidence of the poor results of Ernestos team. The previous season, the Blaus were in the first half of the table, but in the current season they are in the last third.
Despite the fact the team was in the second half of La Liga for a long time, it was still able to fight for the title. The following season, Ernestos squad was much stronger, but despite the good results, the players were still far away from the first line.
Now, the situation in La liga is even worse, and Barca has no chance of getting into the top 4.
You can follow the team’s position in this website, where all the latest news are available.
New season in the EPL
The season of English Premier League has already ended, and we can see that the main contenders for the victory are Manchester City and Liverpool.
City has a very good squad, which can be compared to the one of the champions of the world.

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