The scores of the last matches from Spain and Italy, as well as the first match of EPL fixtures

The scores of the last matches from Spain and Italy, as well as the first match of EPL fixtures, will be available on the sports statistics website.
The Spanish Primera and Serie A are the most popular football championships in the world. The season of the Primera started on the 4th of August and will end on the 20th of May. The most popular match of the season is the clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
In the Serie A, the most interesting matches are the matches between Juventus and Napoli, and the match between Milan and Liverpool. The first match was won by the team from Milan by a score of 3:0.
If you want to follow the results of the matches of the Spanish Primer, you can use the sports data service of the website. The information is updated in real time and is available to users in their desktop and mobile devices.
Football results of Italy Serie A
The Italian Serie A is one of the most important football championships, because it is the championship of the country where the main stars of the Italian national team play.
This season, Juventus has become the champion, but the team has not been in the top-5 for a long time. The team has a lot of problems, which can be seen in the results on the football results of Serie A.
Despite the fact that the team is in the Champions League, it is not in the first place of the Serie. The main problem of the team in the championship is the lack of motivation. The players are not able to show the best performance, which affects the results.
Juventus has a long bench, which makes it difficult to choose the best players for each match. The coach of the Turin team, Massimiliano Allegri, has repeatedly said that the main goal of the club is to win the Serie title.

The team has the following problems:
1. Lack of motivation of the players.
2. Lackadaisical playing style.
3. Lack resources.
4. Lack attention of the fans.
5. Unstable leadership.
These problems can be solved only by the success of the main star of the championship, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has a huge influence on the results, and he is the main reason for the success the team of Juventus has achieved.
You can follow the football scores of Serie a on the website of sports statistics. The data is updated live, and it is available in the mobile version of the platform.
Main football championships of the world
The football championships are becoming increasingly popular, and they are becoming more and more popular among fans from all over the world, too. The top football championships include:
* English Premier League;
* French League 1;
* German Bundesliga;
* Italian Serie D;
and so on.
All the results are available on this website, and you can follow them in real-time mode. The service is available for both desktop and a mobile version.
At the website, you will find the latest information about the football championships. The matches of these championships are held regularly, and their results are known to the users in advance.
Latest football scores in the EPL
The English Premier league is the most famous football championship in the whole world. It is the top championship of England, and its results are always known to users of the sports platform. The EPL is the strongest championship in Europe, and many experts consider it to be the most prestigious in the entire world.
Manchester United is the current champion of England. The club has a good lineup, and this allows the team to win matches with a score even higher than 3:1.
However, the team needs to improve its results. The previous season, the club did not win the title, and in the current season, it has a poor record.
There are several reasons for the poor results of Manchester United. The following factors can be noted:
· insufficient motivation of players;
·reasons of the failure of the coaching staff;
·inability to find a suitable replacement for the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.
Many experts consider the current Manchester United lineup to be one of its weak points. The current team is not able, despite the fact it has many talented players, to play in the same way as the legendary team.
To follow the Epl football scores, you need to visit the sports website of the Premier league. The platform is available both for a desktop and for a mobile device.
Live football scores on the platform
The Premier league has a large number of matches, and therefore, the results can be found in advance, too, and are available to the user in the live mode.
Thanks to the technological progress, it became possible to find out the football score of the match in realtime. This is especially important for users who want to watch the live football scores.
On the sports page of the portal, you have the opportunity to find the live scores of matches from all the top football tournaments. The list of leagues includes:
• English Premier;
• German Bundesliga, which is the second most popular tournament;
the Italian Serie d;
French League 1.
As for the English Premier, the season has just started, and there are a lot to do in the upcoming season.

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