Prepare for the Champions League final – Liverpool vs. AS Roma

Liverpool will be the main favorite of the Champions league final, but the team is not the only one that can make a successful final.
The Italian Serie A is also a favorite of this season. The main rival of Liverpool is Roma. The team has a good lineup, which can be considered as a real trump card for the Reds.
In the last season, Roma was the main contender for the title, but in the end it was Liverpool that won the cup. The final of the championship will be held on May 17th, and the decisive match will be played between the teams.

The main goal of Liverpool will be to win the title. The Reds have a good squad, which is able to perform at its best. The previous season, the team showed a good performance, which allowed it to win a lot of trophies.
However, the season was not without its problems. The first defeat of the team was very painful, and it was followed by the defeat in the Champions cup final. The failure of the Reds in the domestic championship was also a blow to their chances of winning the European cups.
This season, Liverpool has a lot to show. The squad of the club has a great potential, which allows the team to perform well in the international arena. The club has the potential to win several trophies, and this is exactly what it needs to be considered the main rival.
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Who will win in the final?
The season of the Italian Serie a was quite successful for the team. Liverpool was the favorite, but Roma was able to win all the trophies it needed to win.
As for the final, the main goal for the club is to win gold medals. The last time the team won the gold medals was in 1990. In the current season, many of the players of the Liverpool team have already won the Champions trophy, so they are able to show their maximum in the decisive matches.
Of course, the Reds have their own trump cards, but they are not so obvious. For example, the following factors can be used to win:
1. Great teamwork. The players of Liverpool are able not only to distribute the forces of the attack, but also to make a good defense. This is a good way to win matches. The problem is that the team does not always show this kind of teamwork.
2. Good individual skills of the leaders. This year, the squad of Liverpool has been strengthened by the acquisition of a number of young players. This allows the club to perform better in the matches against weaker opponents.
3. Good coaching skills of Klopp. The German coach has managed to create a good team atmosphere, which has allowed the team not only win the Champions but also the Europa cups. This season, he has managed not to lose points in the EPL, which was a real surprise for the fans.
These are the main factors that can help the team win the final. If the team manages to win, it will be a real triumph for the German coach.
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