Match schedule from the premier league 2017/2018.

The new season of the English Premier League is starting, and the teams have already started to prepare for the fight for the title. The main favorites of the fight are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United.
Each of them has a number of players who are considered to be the main favorites. The most obvious of them is the main star of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese is the best player of the EPL in the current season, and he is a key player of all the teams. He is the leader of the main favorite of the season, Liverpool.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the Premier League on the reliable resource. Here you will find the schedule of matches, as well as the statistics of the confrontations.
How to follow the Premier league results?
The Premier League has become a real sensation of the current football season. The teams of the top division are fighting for the champion title, and they are constantly changing their positions.
This season, the main contenders for the victory are:
* Chelsea;
Manchester City.
Both teams have a number leaders, and it is the leaders who decide the fate of the match.
Chelsea is the favorite of all, but the main competitor of the Blues is Manchester City, who is also a real contender for the championship.
In the current campaign, the teams of EPL have a lot of interesting confrontations, which will be interesting to fans of the game.
Live football score at any time of the day
The main favorite in the fight is Liverpool. The team of Jurgen Klopp is a real gem of the championship, and its main goal is to win the champion’s title.
Liverpool is a team of stars, and each of them can be considered to have his own speciality. The players of the Reds are able to play in any of the following positions:
1. Goal keeper.
2. Midfielder.
3. Full-back.
4. Defender.
5. Striker.
6. Center-back, etc.
They are able not only to save the ball, but also to score goals.
Despite the fact that Liverpool is the most obvious favorite of this season, there are other teams that can be called as potential rivals of the Merseysiders. The following teams are also very interesting for fans:
• Manchester United;
• Tottenham Hotspur;
· Norwich City; etc. ​​
The teams of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs are also quite interesting for the fans of football. Both teams have great players, and their main goal for the season is to become the champion.
However, it is not the only goal of the teams, and fans can watch the live football score of the games of the Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspaurs, and other teams on the website of sports statistics.
All the information about the PremierLeague results on the site of sports data
The season of English Premier league is quite busy, and there are a lot confrontations in the championship of England. The Premier League results are available on the sports statistics website, which offers the information on the matches from the championship in a convenient format.
It is easy to find the results on this platform, because it is based on the principle of the search of the information. Here, the users can find the information not only about the confrontational teams, but about the entire season.
Manchester City is the team that is considered to stand out among the competitors of Liverpool. This is mainly due to the fact of the number of goals scored by the team.
Due to this, the club is considered as the main contender for victory in the Epl.
Fans can follow the live soccer score of Manchester City on the platform of sports information. The website offers the results not only of the confrontation with Liverpool, but it also provides information on other teams.
Follow the results in full
The current season of Epl is quite interesting, and many teams are fighting to become a champion. The leaders of the club, such as:
· Manchester United
· ​​Tottenham Hotspur
·​ Chelsea
· Liverpool
· Arsenal
· Leicester City
· Everton
· Manchester City
are the main competitors of the leaders of Manchester united and Liverpool. However, the latter are not the main rivals of Manchester city.
If we talk about the main rival of the City, we can also include the team of Josep Guardiola, who has a great team. The City is a favorite of many fans, and this is also reflected in the live scores of the soccer matches of Guardiola’ team. It is also worth mentioning the teams from Manchester United that are not so popular among the fans.
There are a number confrontations during the season of Premier league, and you can always find the live score of them on the portal of sports results. Here the information is updated in real time, and all the data is available to the users in full.
Main favorites of EFL Cup
The English Premier football championship is very busy. The EFL cup is another tournament of the national championship, which is held every year.

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