Manchester United’s goalkeeper David de Gea

Manchester United’s goalkeeper David de Gea has said he is not worried by the fact that the club’s transfer policy is not working.
The Spanish international, who has been at the club for three years, has said that the team has to do its best to win the Champions League and the Europa League.
“We have to do our best to achieve the results we want. We are not worried about the fact we are not in the Champions league. We have to focus on the Europa league and the Champions. We will try to win both competitions,” the 37-year-old told the Spanish newspaper Marca.
“We have a good squad, but we need to work more and be more focused. We know that we have to win every match, but if we do this we will be able to win all the competitions.”
United are in the Europa Cup final for the third consecutive season and the club’s fans are confident that the Red Devils will triumph.

‘The team has a good chance of winning’
In the current season, the Red devils have a great chance of getting into the Europa final. De Gea is the best goalkeeper in the tournament, so he has to be at his best to save the game of his team.
However, the Spaniard has already said that he is happy with the current state of the team. “I am not worried. We can win the Europa cup, but the team needs to do a lot of work. We need to improve the shape of the game,’ he said.
This is the third time the club has been in the final of the tournament. The first two times were won by Real Madrid. The club has recently been in a good mood and the fans are expecting a lot from the team this season.
It is also worth noting that the Spanish team has not lost to its rivals in the past three years. This is a good sign for the club and its fans.
In order to get into the Champions Cup final, the team will have to beat Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs have a very strong lineup, so the Red Devil’slives will have a tough time.
Manchester United’sthe main rivals of the Red team in the current tournament are Arsenal and Liverpool. The Gunners have a strong lineup and the team’shighly confident in the Premier League. The Reds are also a good team and have a bright lineup.
If the team of De Geas does not win the tournament it will be very difficult for the team to get to the Champions’ Cup final. The team has the potential to win it, but it needs to work harder in order to achieve this.
Live football results of the Premier league
The current season of the English Premier league is very interesting. The main rival of Manchester United is Tottenham Hotspurs. The Tottenham Hotspot has a strong squad, so it is very important for the Red to win gold medals.
Tottenham has a bright and attacking lineup, which is very effective in the English championship. The Red Devils are not the only team that can compete with the Spurs. Arsenal and Chelsea also have a chance to win.
Arsenal has a very good lineup and it can play in any match. The players are very confident and they know that they need to do their best to get the gold medals this season, because they have a high chance of it.
Chelsea is also a strong team, but its lineup is not as good as that of the Gunners. However, the Blues have a big advantage over the Spurs, because the Spurs have only one star player.
That is why the Spurs will not be able not to compete with their rivals in any tournament.
Main rivals of Tottenham Hotspots
The Spurs have been in this position for a long time. The previous season, they were in the top 4. The following season, Arsenal was in the same position.
Now, the Spurs are in a very difficult position. The lineup of the Spurs is not the best, so they need a lot to improve their position. However the main rivals are not a good choice for the Spurs this time. They are:
· Manchester United;
· Liverpool;
and Chelsea.
There is a high probability that the Spurs can win gold, but they need more than just one match to do it. The fans are very interested in the results of Tottenham and they are expecting good results from the club.
United and Liverpool are also strong competitors of the Tottenham Hotspa. The teams have a lot in common, so their fans expect good results for their teams.
Will De Geaseven win the trophy?
The Tottenham Hotspan has a great opportunity to win a lot. The squad has a lot potential, so there is no doubt that the players will do their very best. However it is important for them to do this in a tournament where they have only a few matches left.
De Geas has a long career in the Spanish league, so his experience is very useful. The goalkeeper has already won a lot, so if he can do his best in the remaining matches, he will be a real asset to the team and will help it win gold.
He has already saved the game in the previous tournaments, so fans can count on him to do his job well.

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